Does your organization need more energy throughout the day?

Do employees and employers want...
healthier options
more energy and movement
better balance
improved productivity
effective team work
less sick time
better quality of life? 

With over 12 years of corporate experience, Kirsten has experienced the roller coaster of health that accompanies long hours, competing priorities, and non-stop deadlines.
Maintaining health with all of life's demands is hard enough and especially without the proper tools. Employees AND employers suffer.

Let Kirsten work at all levels of your organization to evaluate and integrate feasible and practical wellness solutions into your wellness program based on your organization's goals.
What better way to increase productivity and reduce health care costs as well as ensure employees come to work recharged and loving what they do.

Corporate Wellness Programs and Services

Wellness Presentations - On site OR Webinars (Live and Recorded to keep for repeat use)
Wellness presentation on a topic most relevant to the employees' health concerns. Sessions are 50 to 90 minutes and conducted on site or via webinar. Some are large group, but can be tailored to an interactive small group session. Topics include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Wellness Tips - Economical and resourceful tips for implementing wellness services.
  • Sugar Blues - impact of sugar on whole body wellness.
  • Eating for Energy
  • Energize Your Lunch - a tailored presentation based on your organization's lunch options. 
  • Worksite Wellness - Conquering the Holiday Party & Break Room.
  • Achieving Wellness at Work - tips for incorporating wellness into daily life without sacrificing productivity.
  • Maintaining the "Super" Status (Superwoman & Superman expectations)
  • Eat Well, Be Well - basics of good nutrition & impact on mind & body.
  • Travel Health -Hotel & Airport Survival
  • Transforming & Simplifying Your Meal Preparation 
  • Re-evaluating Employees' ROI - Shifting how we measure employee wellness and added value. 
  • Juggling Identities - A small group, interactive session devoted to helping employees address the competing "hats" they wear for work, life balance.
  • Meal preparation efficiency tips - hands on presentation to help employees plan ahead their breakfast, lunch and dinner whether prepared at home, purchased or through a meal delivery service.
What health topic does YOUR organization prioritize!

- on site workshops on a variety of topics most suited to your employees' and organization's wellness goals. Trying to increase productivity through energizing afternoons? Want to inspire employees to take smarter breaks? Are employees looking to the organization for wellness opportunities through organized activities, lunch & learns and better balance. Workshops provide solutions for your organization’s' health concerns with strategies for long term change and implementation. 50 min per sessions with the number of sessions per workshop varying based on program content. Minimum 3 sessions and maximum 10 sessions. Topics include many of the above with added in depth analysis of participants' goals and circumstances. Additional topic: Express Detox - workshop with handouts & recipes on a simple and express detox.

Individual and  Group Health Coaching - 1:1 coaching program includes a three month or six month program designed to help individuals reach their desired goals, establish positive eating, and life style habits through education, coaching, and 1:1 individualized support. Individual sessions are 60 min and twice a month. Group coaching session are 90 minutes once or twice a month with individual follow up and support. 

Worksite Lunch Make-Over: Need to provide healthier & energizing lunch and meeting options? Your Wellness Scout will review surrounding area lunch options, meals catered or on site lunch provisions and provide alternative, cost effective solutions. At least three 60 min meetings for planning, implementation and follow up.

Walking/Exercise programs:
 Develop a walking or other movement associated program for various sized organizations to encourage movement at work without cutting into productivity. Incentive program can also be provided and managed. Resources for onsite personal trainers and yoga instructors provided if necessary. 

Want to host a Health Fair? Kirsten through corporate and volunteer experience has coordinated health and vendor fairs from event pre-planning, registration, on site implementation and coordination, to follow up. She also has 15 years of event planning and implementation experience. 

Contact her today!

We enlisted a Health Coach to empower my colleagues to take steps to improve their own wellness, in addition to the wellness of the people they care about. My group’s mission is to empower our employees to succeed in the workplace and beyond.  A Health Coach fits right into our mission! We are so happy we partnered with Kirsten.  Your Wellness Scout provides realistic, actionable suggestions to improve wellness.  Also, Your Wellness Scout understands the corporate environment and culture, given Kirsten’s extensive experience in corporate America. Your Wellness Scout is very passionate about making wellness accessible to everyone, and her passion is contagious!

- Abby Miller, Chairperson Women Who Lead, Staples, Headquarters