Kirsten provided two very engaging and informative sessions at our office!....Kirsten reached many women in the room and over teleconference to ensure her message was delivered broadly.  The second session we did with Kirsten...blew me away, going beyond meal planning, and digging deeper into root causes around issues affecting identity, self-care, and well-being.  Kirsten provided many “lightbulb” moments throughout the seminar. Kirsten fostered a very non-judgmental environment where people felt comfortable being open and honest about their wellness challenges – even in front of a room full of their colleagues.  In addition, Kirsten ensured the group was able to get maximum value in a short amount of time by summarizing challenges broadly to make them relatable for everyone, providing specific solutions, and connecting individuals with personalized suggestions.

--I would describe Your Wellness Scout as realistic, approachable, engaging, and an excellent facilitator and would recommend Your Wellness Scout to anyone who wants to make a change.  Even if you think you are not ready or don’t have time, reach out to Kirsten!  She is an honest partner who asks the right questions and will help you get started on the journey that is right for you.

Abby Miller, Chairperson Women Who Lead, Staples, Inc. Headquarters


Kirsten is intelligent, caring and an excellent listener!   She effortlessly made bigger picture connections to what we discussed in a session, to help make powerful shifts, and ultimately for me to achieve greater results.  She is genuinely passionate about what she does, which made me feel comfortable and excited to try new recipes, and new ways of organizing and preparing weekly menus for me and my family.  She has a great list of healthy recipes, which I appreciate as it saves me time.  She is always very professional, and is excellent about keeping me accountable to my stated goals.  Kirsten is a true partner and trusted health coach.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their wellness goals!

Michele L.

I started working with Kirsten when I felt I had hit a roadblock with respect to my health. I felt “stuck” in a lot of aspects of my life (career, spirituality, overall energy level) and I knew I needed to make some changes. Kirsten helped me to open my mind to many different dietary choices—namely, incorporating more protein into my breakfasts for increased energy throughout the day and understanding the sources of my food. Kirsten’s personalized approach helped me establish a better meal-planning schedule and she even helped me find some new recipes to make that appealed to my (rather picky) husband and me. Best of all, Kirsten’s guidance was very kind-hearted, non-judgmental and sustainable. I now cook with “whole” ingredients, I know how certain nutrients can make me feel (better!) and I crave sweets less. Oh, and did I mention that my skin is clearer, too? If you’re looking to make a change in your life, especially with respect to your diet, I strongly recommend that you work with Kirsten. She really will be your wellness scout.

- Courtney G., Boston

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis based on a Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA technique ) measurement of the lumbar spine and left hip 07/17/2013. Your Wellness Scout, Kirsten Wright-Cirit recommended looking into Vitamin K2, a bioactive form of Vitamin K2 from Natto, as a supplement to my daily Calcium and Vitamin D3 to improve my bone health. My 12/14/16 measurement showed a 1% increase in my L-spine T-Value, a 2.4% increase in my left femoral neck when compared to the previous measurement. Thanks so much for improving my bone health.

Linda Stockdale