The following organizations have enhanced the value I provide to my corporate and individual clients. I have either used these products or services personally or incorporated their benefits into my practice. I receive no endorsements or guaranteed return services from these organizations and they have authorized their inclusion on this page. Have questions? Feel free to reach out to them directly or me at


The Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts is an organization of Massachusetts health promotion professionals
and business leaders dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles for all employees of Massachusetts through health promotion
activities at the worksite. They provide innovative wellness best practice programs, training, and events along with insightful
resources and tools to help advance and promote Massachusetts organizations and their corporate wellness teams. WWCMA
is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that helps employers cultivate a culture of health for their employees while addressing
medical expenses and utilization, absenteeism and presenteeism, employee recruitment and retention, and the creation of a
positive company image. Learn more about the WWCMA and becoming a member here:

Fit Happens Intentionally! After nearly 2 decades of providing wellness services to a Fortune 100 employer, our Founder's passion is to find new ways to help the small employers enjoy the same benefits of a resilient and productive workforce. By positioning health clubs, studios and personal trainers as the wellness hub for their market area, Fit Happens Intentionally! is able to drive new revenue streams to fitness businesses through our turn-key Workplace Fitness Ecosystem - a flexible framework and consistent brand presence for clubs, boutique studios and personal trainers to deliver programming to the employer market. Employers get access to programming that is tailored to their organization and designed to deliver results, regardless of size. To learn more, please email

National Corporate Fitness Institute provides two services to the workplace. We place highly qualified health professionals to engage with employees on-site to implement custom-designed and affordable wellness solutions to client companies. In addition, we thoroughly train and certify these professionals to work in the corporate setting as valued members of the wellness team. For more information visit

Provider of technology-centric solutions for employee wellness challenges and health

At LeanBox, we're changing the way people eat at work by making fresh, healthy food available, 24/7.  By removing barriers to eating healthy (time, money, and availability), we can help improve employee wellness, productivity, and overall engagement. At LeanBox, we install a refrigerated, unattended retail space,
and come to your office every other business day to keep it stocked with fresh meals and healthy snacks.

88 Acres is a local artisan food startup crafting healthy snacks with simple, wholesome ingredients that are good for every body to enjoy. The first product line of three flavors of craft seed bars are made in small batches in a bakery in Dorchester, providing local jobs and delivering the same made-at-home goodness we all crave. They are available for purchase online and throughout New England at grocers such as Whole Foods and Roche Brothers, corporate campuses, active lifestyle retailers, and education institutions.

Since its founding in 2004, KIND® has been on a mission to make the world a little kinder one snack and one act at a time. KIND was born out of our founder’s desire to create a snack that was delicious and nutritious, wholesome and convenient. What began as a line of premium Fruit & Nut bars sparked the creation of an entirely new healthier snacking category. Today, KIND has a family of snacks that offer solutions for a variety of different occasions, inspiring consumers to “LIVE KIND. every day.™

Supplet gift boxes are the perfect gift for an expecting mom or a new mom or dad. Gifting a Supplet
membership to your employee going on maternity leave is a great way to stay connected.

Get in touch today to discuss how Supplet can help your organization to give Supplet memberships
and/or gift cards on a corporate level. We can offer bulk discounts and special programs. We also
offer Healthy Pregnancy and Family Presentations to employees. Please get in touch with
Jessica at or by phone at (877) 252-4374. 

BodyEvolver is an online wellness platform for fitness professionals designed to streamline, organize and track client risk and show progress. BodyEvolver simplifies tracking client outcomes; a critical component to success. This easy-to-use solution empowers trainers to collect clients' baselines, simplify the clients' understanding of their health risks and provides unique tools to support positive outcomes. For fitness or corporate wellness professionals, this type of data provides a benchmark for success for workplace wellness programs and employee health management. If interested in learning more about BodyEvolver please contact Mike at or call 617-504-4141.


BOSTON HOME BODIES. Janine Hightower, founder and owner of Boston Home Bodies used diet and exercise to lose 85 pounds and she has successfully kept that weight off for 20 years. Her weight-loss success coupled with her degree in Exercise Physiology from Boston University motivated
her to start Boston Home Bodies for the Greater Boston area. Janine uses a personalized approach to fitness and weight loss and has been training clients in their homes with varying levels of equipment for over 15 years. She also specializes in training clients that are pre and post-natal, or who are
undergoing cardiac rehabilitation and/or post-physical therapy injury rehabilitation.  She can be contacted at or 617-583-2901

Pantry is a new grocery store experience located on 1622 Beacon St, Brookline, in the heart of Washington Square.
Easily shop, cook, and enjoy inspired dinners with perfectly portioned, fresh ingredients, and no food waste.Choose from 20 recipe kit options and beer & wine pairings with no subscriptions. Recipe kits start at just $9 per person. Stop in today or order delivery at

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