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Glorious Eggs: How they maintain weight, physique and energy

Recently, a client who had begun eating eggs for breakfast more regularly told me that her sister-in-law was fearful of eggs. Yes, the word "fear" was used. She felt her sister-in-law could benefit from the protein contained in eggs and wished she had a more favorable opinion of them. I could not agree more with my client! In fact, I am amazed that many people think eggs are either too heavy, unhealthy for the heart, too expensive, fattening, high in cholesterol or require too much preparation. I can dispel all theses "fears".

1) First, eggs are full of protein and they contain the nutrients necessary to start life. They also rate high on the satiety index (an index developed to determine how full one feels after a meal). 

2) Many worry about the cholesterol contained in eggs but many resourcesare debunking that fear. The cholesterol contained in eggs doesn't raise cholesterol in the body-- it actually counteracts this as the liver produces less cholesterol when receiving it through the diet. The benefits of eggs also outweigh the amount of cholesterol received from the egg. If you don’t believe me and want to read more about this, then please contact me and I’ll provide you with additional resources. In general, avoiding eggs due to the fear of cholesterol is just not a good enough excuse.

3) Due to the idea that the fattening part of the egg is contained in the yolk, many people think it’s healthier to eat only egg whites. Avoiding egg yolks negates many of the reasons cited above as to why you should eat eggs. The yolk of the egg is the prize-- it is where life is created and it carries all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for building a working system. The yolk contains B vitamins for energy, folate for brain development, lutein for eyesite, biotin for skin, hair growth, metabolism, and more. In fact, when I was pregnant, eating high quality eggs (organic, pasture raised or from a local farm) was at the top on my list of food choices. Eating eggs assured me that I was receiving a boost of B vitamins, folate, selenium and protein-- all vital for the start of a human life and pivotal in preventing birth defects. Even today, my husband and I start our mornings 90% of the time with eggs and I can tell a difference when I don't.

4) What about the cost? Egg prices can range from $2.50 to $7 for a dozen depending on location, type, origination, omega-3 boosted and more. Figure out what your priority is and invest in them. One egg or maybe two a day may be enough for you. That equates to spending $7 on breakfast roughly every 1- 1.5 weeks. Have you considered how much that Au Bon Pain or Panera egg white "healthy" sandwich is? What about that Starbucks latte and cage free egg spinach wrap? Those items average $5 - $8 A DAY. Making and eating eggs at home is a healthier and more economical approach.

5) What about the excuse that preparing eggs take too much time, especially on busy weekday mornings? Or, the opinion that plain eggs taste bland and that you have to eat them in a greasy, heavy, fattening format with many additions in order for them to taste good? Eggs are high in the monounsaturated fats. I personally do eat real fat in small portions thus, the amount in an egg doesn't concern me. Eggs don't need to be overwhelmingly rich with cheese, cream, and bacon to taste delicious. If your diet is full of highly processed, fried and sugary foods, a hard boiled egg would taste bland.

Try adding....
fried egg over hummus, arugula and tomatoes and then add a little salt and pepper. Spice it up by adding an avocado and/or cheese to it. 
OR....add leftover black or pinto beans from a Mexican dish the night before. You could even add some lentils and creme fraiche. 
Chopped up hard-boiled eggs over rice with a dash of cinnamon is also a tasty option. Below I even scrambled eggs into oatmeal topped with tomatoes and sour cream.

There are so many combinations that you could have eggs 5 days in a row with different tastes and textures and you would never get bored or sick of them! Short on time? Try making an egg frittatawith veggies and chicken sausage on Sunday, cut it into pieces and reheat it throughout the week. Below is my summer squash and ricotta galette that is a delicious dinner side or refreshing breakfast!

Like Deviled eggs.?
This one was inspried from my husband's recent boredom with fried eggs (note this was after three months of the same fried egg with all the aforementioned combinations).

Other options include:
Scrambled eggs with leftover veggie
Tortilla Breakfast Cups are a hearty way to start the day while also providing some carbs, veggies and extra protein.

How I vary it up is by eating eggs in various combinations four days a week and then one day a week, I might have a banana and peanut butter, or oatmeal or quinoa mixed with fruit. The weekends are usually devoted one larger, slowly savored breakfast of scrambled or socuklu yumurta (Turkish dish) along with tomatoes, cheese, and cucumbers. The seventh day may even be eggs, too. It's a no brainer for my family!

I devote a whole portion of my coaching services to meal planning, in which I help those who want to loose weight and fight cravings by helping them choose better options to eat for breakfast. Adding eggs to your diet is a simple and cost effective practice that ensures you are getting enough protein at the start of the day. Consuming an adequate amount of protein in the morning minimizes the tendency for post meal cravings and sets you up well for more balanced eating throughout the day. By eating eggs when I was pregnant, I was able to stave off morning sickness and after my daughter was born, eating eggs helped me loose the 20lbs of my pregnancy weight. Eating eggs saved me - let them save you, too!