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Healthy Doesn't Have to Mean 100% Perfection - What's Your Health Challenge?

Guest Blogger Cheryl C provides us her recent health challenge and solutions. She didn't let a kitchen remodel stand in her way!

We have been renovating our kitchen for three months. Yes, THREE months. When we started the demolition, I thought it would be a three-week project, but one surprise after another has kept pushing our timeline out. We keep an organic garden and generally try to eat healthy and smart, but this has been quite the challenge without a stove, oven, or sink. Here are three tips that have made this temporary situation a little more bearable:

1.      Find any excuse to get vegetables on the plate: Vegetables might taste great when steamed, sautéed, or roasted, but they’re just as good when raw. Not to mention better for you. In some ways, our eating habits have improved sans kitchen because so many of our meals center around vegetables. Salads and green smoothies are almost a daily staple in our diet; a habit I hope we keep when our kitchen is functional again.
a.      YWS Says: Awesome idea and adaptation! Embrace the opportunity to try a new health habit or revisit an old!
2.      The microwave is your friend: Granted, there are risks to frequent microwave use, but there’s no way around it when you want hot food without an oven or stove. I like to buy frozen side dishes from our organic grocery store and jazz them up. One of my favorites is a frozen package of lentils, kale, carrots, and peppers. After heating the package, I top it with a poached egg done in the microwave (super easy!).
a.      YWS Says: If you have a choice, use the oven or stove, but if in a pinch I’d rather use that than eat the packaged 10 ingredient foods. Try thawing the veggies first to reduce the time in the microwave. And love that egg idea –breakfast too!
3.      Don’t feel too guilty about eating out: Without a kitchen, everything is more work. After a long day at work, sometimes eating out is all we have the energy to do. And that’s okay…our kitchen-less house isn’t a permanent situation (I hope), so we allow ourselves to indulge and try to make smart menu choices when doing so. Put that sauce on the side!
a.      YWS Says: Mental health is as important as physical health! The time to unwind and regroup is key for self-nourishment and recharging. Choose wisely - focus on veggies and quality protein and don’t fear the quality fat!

When Cheryl relayed her kitchen experience I asked her to submit her challenge because it exemplifies how we can’t be our healthiest selves 100% of the time. Life goes on. Habits take time to create. And during the habit making process kitchens are remodeled, jobs have crunch times, kids (or you) get sick, friends have parties. The list is endless. But one doesn't have to suffer. The tips here represent one of my main coaching themes- make the best of your situation and choose wisely along the way. She developed some great habits – I’ll check in with her on those green smoothies. She also ensured that accomplishing clean eating during this upheaval time didn’t add more stress. She cut herself a break by smartly eating out!

So I challenge you to make the best of your situation. Find the resources that help achieve health vs adds stress. Do you have a challenging health situation? Do you have tips to share? Or maybe some questions? Let me know! Submit your guest contribution or challenge to yourwellnessscout@gmail.com, comment to this blog, OR post to www.facebook.com/yourwellnessscout

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Spring Clean Your Mind! - Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are any type of various systems of healing or treating a disease that is not included in the traditional curricula taught in U.S. and British medical schools. They have the healing effects of medicine, but do not originate from evidence gathered using the scientific method. They can be very successful based on the healer and the appropriateness of the method used. Common alternative therapies include Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Faith Healing, Reiki and more. They can provide numerous immune boosting benefits, preventative health and optimal health maintenance.
Below are the definition of some with many more to research!

A colonic is the infusion of water into the rectum by a colon therapist to cleanse and flush out the colon. It is also called colonic hydrotherapy or colon irrigation.

Acupuncture is key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) involving thin needles inserted into the body at acupuncture pointsAcupuncture is commonly used for pain relief, though it is also used for a wide range of other conditions.

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health. 

Aromatherapyis the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Oils are used in everything from direct ingestion to topical use, to drops on pillows and in clothing and can be a great additive to a nightly humidifier. Scents such as lavender are popular for relaxation and peppermint for clearing the sinuses and mind.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Breathing has become more popular to fight chronic inflammation and techniques such as Qigong can focus one’s breathing in a disciplined and useful manner.

Check out one of these today! Maybe there is a free info session at a local health center or maybe your yoga studio is having a demonstration. Many of these practitioners will welcome your curiosity and interest to try so don’t be shy think about how you can expand your wellness tool kit.

It is all about finding what works for your body, to not only heal but also spring clean the mind

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A TASTE of Spring - weather & recipe wise!

With a few rainy mild days in our midst, it's easy to get the taste of spring and the motivation to renew those health goals. With Spring comes new vegetables, maybe a pantry make-over or finding foods that energize you through the inconsistencies of a rainy March. Check out this vegetable dish that has the comforts of a wet spring but the hints of what's to come - Kohlrabi Carrot Fritters with Avocado Cream Sauce. Kohlrabi is a versatile, crunchy vegetable that pairs well with other root vegetables. The cream sauce adds enough fat for dissolving those fat soluble vitamins (A, E) in the veggies! Get energized and strong to avoid injury on these rainy runs, outdoor workouts or even just the daily commute. 

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