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Three ways to avoid Holiday highs and lows

Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving is upon us, and Christmas is around the corner. Not to mention the various other holidays and celebrations such as Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Years Eve parties. Its the time of lights, feasts, gifts and more! So indulging is on the menu for today and for the next month or so. How can you partake without significantly impacting your health?
Craving the holiday candy at Halloween is natural. Stuffing yourself over Thanksgiving is a holiday right! And enjoying multiple parties with sugar and bread comas is what the holidays are about. Right?  Well, maybe not every year and maybe this year, your body needs a break.  So how do you maintain a year of health without experiencing the highs and lows in sugar, weight gain, and exhaustion?

Here are three simple steps or mantras I remind myself daily to mitigate the damage from the holidays, lessen the pain from the recovery, and keep my body functioning more regularly.

1) Drink water: When I say drink water I mean it. Like a ton. Like 3 liters. Like you should be going for water before you take that sip of coffee or juice, before biting into that salad or sandwich, and even when you are bored. Drink water. Drink it first thing when you get up. Drink it before you go to bed. You will fill fuller, hydrate continuously and ensure you arent mistaking hunger for dehydration. Carry around water as often as you carry your wallet. Hydration is your key to health.

2) Move: If you exercise, keep the same pace. Make the extra effort to just maintain. Dont add during a time when schedules are tighter with more demands. And if you miss a regular session, accept it as part of the holiday slide. If you dont have a regular exercise regime, dont necessarily start one just to offset the holiday gain. If you have more motivation during this time of year, then definitely capitalize on that feeling, but find exercise that you will assuredly be committed to doing daily, weekly or bi-weekly. Aside from formal exercise (gym, classes, sports designated times of movement), MOVE THROUGHOUT your day! This means taking the stairs, parking further away from your destination, taking long walks on the weekend, cleaning your house more, dancing, standing and mingling at the parties. Find ways to continually move through your day to burn the calories and keep mindless nibbling at bay.

3) Indulge: Indulge? Yes, I said indulge. Why? Because in my experience, deprivation only creates a stronger need of wanting. If this sounds familiar, then I would highly suggest accepting that during this time of year, you may indulge, but responsibly and moderately. Is there Halloween candy at a desk you frequently pass or in the break room?  Allow yourself to walk by that area at two designated times during the day to take a piece. Dont walk by other times and if you do, remind yourself you have allotted a time to indulge. If you dont feel like taking candy at the indulging hour, dont. Its all about accepting your indulgences and not creating guilt. Attend a holiday party with the goal of enjoying one full plate and two drinks. Dont go convinced you will NOT eat those delicious peanut butter buckeyes or macaroni and cheese. Dont assume you can rise above the temptation. If you dont indulge at the designated moments, you may find yourself overindulging out of sure loss of will power and then youll overdo it.

All three of the above work in tandem as well. Remember to drink water between those sips of alcohol, eggnog or punch and move every time you feel the urge to pick at the party food table. This way, you will enjoy the holidays with a feeling of empowerment and will power. And, youll be prepared for indulging so you can enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty.

Contact me if you need some more tips on maintaining your health during and post-holiday season.

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Eat Greens the easy way!

Eat your greens! We hear this all the time. Not everyone has the time to consistently shop, wash, and chop greens to eat on a daily basis. However, you can make smart choices especially when on the road for work or even just to enjoy on one of those crazy days. Try drinking GREEN JUICE!

Am I only referring to the kind in a juicer or blender? No! When I say "green juice”, I am referring to a complete solution to ensure you have received your daily dose of greens with the health benefits similar to when you eat a salad. The green juices I recommend also contain a probiotic, which provides an added gut benefit . When I shop for a green juice, I look for powdered forms of pressed organic grasses and greens such as wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, broccoli, acai, maca, carrot, green tea, flax seed and digestive enzymes for the probiotic part. It's quick, portable, and provides me the peace of mind that I have at least eaten my greens for the day. The one I use the most is Amazing Greens. There are several other good brands too-- Complete Greens, Shakeology (more of a meal replacement), Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Greens, and Vibrant Health Green Vibrance. I like Amazing Greens the best not because it’s a meal replacement for me, but a complement. In regards to taste, I like green juices that have little to no sugar and Amazing Greens has the least amount of sugar for my taste without any artificial taste. I also love the fact it contains a probiotic because although I usually get mine through fermented foods, it’s another source. Amazing Greens also has a great superfood profile. Learn more about that here.

Why I swear by green juice… Last year when I was pregnant, my husband and I went on a trip to Nicaragua and we were wary of eating some of the fresh salads and veggies there due taking extra precaution with my pregnancy. Also, Nicaragua has wonderful meat and we knew we would be indulging in more of that and less of the veggies. We made sure to drink our green juice every morning and we felt great, didn’t have any constipation and maintained our strong immunity while enjoying the Nicaraguan food and drink. Conversely, on other trips when we had forgotten our green juice, we felt sluggish, foggy headed and we craved sugar and carbs. Bringing along our green juice is an automatic staple when we go on trips now.

How can you introduce green juice into your diet? I usually start my day every morning with one. I find that the green juice provides me with a cleanse and some extra nutrients that help me to focus on tackling some tasks before I have a savory, filling breakfast. Most of all green juice is simple, quick, and it doesn't require a lot of cleaning and preparation.

For more information on how to integrate green juice and other healthy solutions into your daily life, please contact me .

Note: Your Wellness Scout recieved no endorsements or compensation for this blog or recommendation of Amazing Greens.